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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just some of my favourites from Vanity Box's amazing selection of apparel & accessories ♥ Definitely going to grab a couple of those last bracelets which are just so chic & perfect for myself. 

As a reminder, my Vanity Box Instant Giveaway is still on until October 23! All you need to do to win a voucher worth 5$ off anything on the webshop is leave a comment! I still have 17 vouchers up for grabs so make sure you enter ٩(o′3'o)۶ ~

Also, Vanity Box is having a 20% off sale until October 18th~

Now would be the perfect time to make a purchase with your voucher, haha! ༼ꉺ.̫ꉺ༽ 

 EDIT: Unfortunately you can't combine the voucher with the sale (thanks for letting me know, Hachi!) but now would be a great time to try Vanity Box anyway & save your 5$ voucher for later!

EDITx2: I was just notified by the amazing owner of Vanity Box that you CAN use the 5$ voucher in combination with the 20% off sale! Just send your order directly to & they will process it with the extra discount! (*´ω`*)

see you~

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