Wut berlin S/S 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wut berlin is not a brand, but actually a select shop located in Omotesando with a highly stylised curated collection that creates its own aesthetic. In other words, all of the designers Wut berlin chooses to show are so perfectly complementary, you feel like it could be a brand in itself. Their theme for s/s 12 is 'DIGITAL GODS,' which is obvious in the Greco-Roman influence mixed with modern touches such as a 'big silouhette' & 'a combination of print and print.' I love how androgynous the pieces are & the fresh, vivid colours as well as the psychedelic mix of prints. 

Also... one of my very favourite blogs Tokyo Telephone did a fabulous first-person writeup (with amazing photos included!) of the show here & Wut berlin's shop blog is a definite bookmark. For those who love cutting-edge fashion ❤

see you~

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