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Monday, July 5, 2010

(。・ω・)ノ゙ コンチャ♪

I didn't think I would get to update til later this week but here I am! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆
It's mostly because it's so DEATHLY HOT outside & if you read my twitter, you'll know why I stayed inside today, haha.

Aside from yesterday's drama though, I had a really great weekend
I'm sad that it'll be back to normal tomorrow but at least I have an actual vacation to look forward to at the end of this month!

Anyway... !

I thought I'd do my next style idol post on 出浦寛子/Detsu Korohi since she has become my new inspiration in the gal world
This photo alone shows how fabulous she is, no?   
Awesome hair, amazing style, & A HEALTHY BODY~~!! 

Moment of honesty: Like many if not all girls, body image is something I struggle with everyday. Even though I have learned to look in the mirror & feel 'OK' with my body, I still wish I could be... more
More pretty, more skinny, more boobs... haha (●´ω`●)

But we all know that having a messed up body image is no way to live~ it's not healthy for us to aspire to an 'ideal' that is unrealistic when we are all different heights with different bone structures & different genes. 

& besides, who wants to look like everyone else anyway
This is why I love Detsu. She's not your 'typical' gal model~ she's got thighs, shapely arms, & bootay (^^ゞ カキカキ 
 Being a bikini dancer helps having this body type, but 武田静加/Takeda Shizuka is also a bikini dancer & she has HALF the body Detsu does, haha!
 You can see who's 攻め in this relationship o(>▽<)o
 She also shows that you don't need to be stick-thin to carry off gal style, in any shape or form~
 Looking fabulous in every shot

& though this doesn't have to do with body image, I have to make a comment about her hair, which looks amazing no matter what she does with it!
Detsu has definitely helped me to appreciate the 'curvier' parts of my body & to me is one of the essential models who is changing the face of gal. 
I really hope we start to see more gals like her taking over the magazine covers! 

☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆


Mitsu said...

I love Detsu so much! She influenced my hair choice back in October and I had to seek her out to see if she had a blog or anything else. LOL

Her legs are awesome, okay all of her is awesome. But her legs a really great! She needs more screen time in mags.

She's also the model for XOXO Kiss
So much Detsu on that site, I just get giddy looking at it ♥♥♥♥

Jenny said...

Ahhh her hair is AMAZING!!! It doesn't look like she even has exte either?? Or at least not tons & tons~ Lucky gal XD

priincess said...

she's so pretty! but i would still consider her thin! LOL! : )

thhjasmine said...

im with u!^ lol,she is a cutey

Tori said...

@Mitsu I love her so much too, thank you for introducing me to her! ❤ I searched for her in the snaps section of all of my old JELLY magazines after you posted about her, haha~ & yea, I read that on her blog! I don't really think that brand's clothes are all that great but I'll probably end up snagging SOMETHING from there just because she's the model, lol XD

@Jenny IKR?! I don't think she has exte either & I envy the fact that she looks amazing with or without bangs!

@priincess You're right, she is still thin but at least she looks HEALTHY! I think her body type is more common than the stick-thin Kumicky or Tsubasa type XD

@thhjasmine She is definitely cute ❤ Love that she has a tattoo too~

thhjasmine said...

hey hun,you will have to enter my giveaway again,for some reason,it wont appear in comments after i approve it,sorry for the trouble,thx for following <3

Anonymous said...

I love your blog❤ Thank you for bringing fun and informative posts to your readers!!
This model's real name is Hiroko Deura (
I can't believe that she is only 156cm tall!! Her legs make her look taller. I love how she eats a lot and looks healthy! Nice choice for a style idol :D

さらまり said...

Detsu is lovely, but to me she doesn't look curvy at all hehe! I mean to me that is skinny and there isn't a name for the models out there who are thinner than that haha.

I agree her body is perfect, and I agree she does look healthy.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post, keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

aw she's great! *__* googled her blog now and will skip through it before I have to leave for uni. ;)

bloomzy said...

I love Detsu and I have to agree about her having an amazing body. Its nice to see someone with a bit more meat on them XD

Claire said...

She is gorgeous and her hair is definitely something I'm thinking of trying myself. She is still thin but I think you're right that in the general population of models in Asia she is not the most slender.

Eden said...

Damn, she's GORGEOUS ♥
Sometimes curvier looks even better in the clothes ;) It's all about rocking what you got~

Love your blog btw, and thanks for the add!

Tori said...

@ichigosoda Thank you so much for the sweet compliment & thank you for that link of the 'real' Detsu, haha! She looks so pretty & fresh there ❤ Her legs do definitely make her seem taller!

@さらまり True true, haha XD But I do think her body type is a more 'attainable' thin than most of the other models~

@Jesson And Rey Ann Thank you, definitely will! ❤

@Madeleine M. Bookmark it! I love reading her blog, it's so cheeky & fun ;D

@bloomzy She's definitely an inspiration ;Dyy

@Claire My point exactly ❤

@Eden SO TRUE, haha! ❤ & thank you, I'm loving your blog too! It's always nice to see gorgeous Western gals rocking it ;D

Tori said...

Love this post, Detsu is amazing and a picture in this entry gave me such hair inspiration so I thank you so much for that!
Missed your blog whilst I was away, one of my fave bloggers ;D hehe

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