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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Pretty Little Liars comes on in about an hour, but I'm on a roll with blogging so I'm going to try to make this quick! ☆⌒(>。≪)

First day back to work after the holiday wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, though my computer nearly died from some virus I apparently picked up from going on Facebook... Let this be a lesson, lovelies! (//∇//) テレテレ

So I always love long weekends because I get to dress the way I want for 3 entire days, haha  ヘ( ̄ー ̄)ノニヤリズムッ♪ 
& yea, I just realised I didn't upload the snaps from yesterday, but here are Saturday & Sunday!
  Channeling a casual mode look à la EMODA~
 Metallic lace crop top + tie-dye skinny jeans from last year~
Did some loose waves with my 1-inch flatiron that I hardly ever use too, haha~ I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Sunday was spent outside picnicking so I chose a simpler outfit~
Please to be enjoying my elementary school photo deco & heart face (≧ω≦)b

I did get to use the Sleek blush from Alanna's giveaway though~!
I'm not sure how well it translates in this photo, but it is SUPER PIGMENTED! ♪⌒ヽ(*゚O゚)ノ
I only put a little bit on the brush at first & it went on SUPER pink, haha~ I do loves it!
Yes, puffy cheeks are fun (*^日^*)゛

☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆


thhjasmine said...

cute!! :-}

Tori said...

@thhjasmine Awe, thankies ❤

Jenny said...

Those jeans are so luscious XD! And that blush is really, really nice! You look like a doll!!

Going back today was haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard! I had to drag myself outta bed!

Was last photo new hair too? The cut? So fresh!

Oh what are your new wc gets!? :DD

Mitsu said...

I want those jeans so much and that headband! Both I would put in my closet ASAP! You look adorable ♥♥♥

I am still loving that color, it's a perfect shade!

さらまり said...

Oh that first coordinate is looking just so wonderful on you! You are so cute, cool and trendy!

I do quite enjoy your photo puri, and your 4th of July coordinate as well.

I can see the blush is very pigmented and cute, it looks great on you. Sorry you had to return to the working world, 3 day weekends are indeed the best XD

diyanahomie said...

Seeing you in those jeans makes me want to get one too!

Tori said...

Hehe, yay~!! Tie-dye jeans ftw ;Dyy

Tori said...

Awe, thank you bb! ❤ I try, haha~
& thank you! Yea, going back to work sucked but at least this week will go fast~ it's already Wednesday!

Tori said...

Thank you bb ❤ I knew you would appreciate the headband, haha! I can't get enough of that style!
& thank you!! I need to do a re-dye soon since my roots are coming through, ugh XD Not sure if I'm gonna go with the two-tone or not yet...

Tori said...

Awe, thanks sweetie! ❤
Going back did suck but at least now we're halfway through the week, haha! ;Dyy
& yes, the last photo is from after my haircut~ I wanted subtle layers, but I think it just looks so much healthier now XD
& will be posting snaps of the new w❤c probably tonight so please look forward to it~!

Tori said...

Thought I'd say hey & YAY you got your comments back + Disqus!

Tori said...

what a cute shade of pink! :D =^_^=

Tori said...

Thanks~! ❤

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