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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


How is everyone?
I've been meaning to blog for days now but this week has been beyond crazy (●´・△・`)

Some good things have happened though & it's almost over, so I'm looking forward to my weekend in the house alone! ^ω^ 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I might take a drive up to Tyson's Corner in DC just to get away.
That or hang out at my friend's pool...

Ok, now I'm getting off topic  (●´艸`)ヾ 

Gilfy is one of the gal brands I admire most because it has such a distinctive look. Gilfy is cool, a little bit tough, & sexy in a slightly tomboyish way. 

I hadn't officially tried out this style for myself though until last weekend...

Maya Mori showcasing some Gilfy looks in the June issue of JELLY

My version of a Gilfy-ish look using items from my own closet.

& since it was too hot to wear the authentic Gilfy hat I got with my Gilfy Store mook...

素敵, no?

I was also amused to see this recent photo from Iwata Nonoka's blog~

❤ her to pieces! 

So, what do you think of Gilfy style?

I'm not sure if I can carry it off 100% since I like more of a pop style in gal fashion, but I think it's nice for a cool casual look  (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・ 

 Hope to blog again soon!

☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆


Tiramisu said...

I love Gilfy's style! >w<
It has an edgier feel to it than most gal brand.
I very much like your top too. ~~~<3
Nice take on the Gilfy look! :D

Estela said...

you look really beautiful *0*

さらまり said...

I like Gilfy style, it's so cool but still feminine! I think you did a great job, the coordinate is cute and you look so lovely!

Nonoka is cute^^

Samispoon said...

Gilfy is one of my favourites too and you suit it just fine!
Woo matching Nonoka hat :D

Mitsu said...

I'm a Gilfy freak LOL I love how Gilfy always tries to be original and how their clothing is complicated. They love putting zippers where they don't belong and such. LOL They're my first gal brand love, so I have a special place in my heart for Gilfy.

Looking fabulous as always ♥

OMG you found a matching Non-chan hat, so fabulous!

bloomzy said...

I love Gilfy clothing, and you know that XD haha
I can't get enough~
Lookin' gorge btw.

Jenny said...

I think you really resonate both the Gilfy look & attitude, ya know?! Strong but sweet but always cool :D

Oh Tyson's!! I sorta wanted to go Saturday (zomfg I fail at saving $ right now LOL) but thankfully I have a BBQ to go to so dollars saved~ Amuse might have usamimi's still! XD We should go shopping together some day I swear~~~~~

Tori said...

@Tiramisu Yes, it does! Which sort of intimidates me but it's fun to try, haha~ Thank you!

@Estela Awe, thank you so much bb! ❤

@さらまり Thank you! It is a fun style to imitate :D

@samispo0n Awe, thanks dear! ❤

@Mitsu Yes, I do know! lol~ I love that about their pieces too... It is really cool & intricate. But thank you!! ❤ Especially from Ms. Fabulous Herself, haha ;D

@bloomzy Yes, I do! & you should be getting your dress really soon, so please look out for it ;D & thank you, you're too sweet! ❤

@Jenny Aweee, thank you bb!! ❤ That means a lot to me since you are an amazing style inspiration yourself ;D & yea, I actually talked myself out of taking a long car ride this weekend since it's going to be so freaking hot! XD Gonna relax by the pool, & glad you will be too! We really do need to get together soon though ❤

HANA said...

I linked this on my Weekly Wrapup! This look really suits you and you copy Gilfy`s style so well. Love it! Totally inspiring :)

Tori said...

@HANA Awe, you are too sweet to keep including me in your Weekly Wrapups, haha! XD I appreciate it though & thank you! ❤

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