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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Monday & I'm not as wiped out as I usually am after the weekend!
I guess doing nothing really is helpful sometimes, haha~

My co-worker is back from her vacation too so that made the day really easy too... I hate working with my boss since she's one of those kind that thinks she's above working with her staff
( ̄□ ̄」)」☆o(><;)

But anyway, enough work blahblahblah...

If anyone reads my twitter, you might remember when I mentioned I found an almost exact copy of this Lip Service salopette on YesStyle:

dun dun dun...

Almost exactly the same, no?? (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・

These are from Taiwanese brand Puffy & are in stock right now!
They are actually a little big but the slightly looser fit is comfy~

I almost caved & bought the authentic Lip Service one, but I'm glad I waited & snagged this knockoff instead! It's just as cute as the original & saved me more monies to buy w❤c
ヘ(^0^)ヘ ☆

☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆


thhjasmine said...

o, how cute!

Becky said...

cute! they look really like the lip service ones~ great buy :D

Clairey said...

I love knockoffs too! Great buy girly!

bloomzy said...

Wow it is the same.I love having brand names but it also makes me very happy to find a knock-off for half the price XD

I found some really cute stuff on yesstyle, wish I had more moneys haha

cin-cin said...

wow cute!! great find!

Jenny said...

Wahahahah it's totally spot-on!!

Jenny said...

BTW lovely eyemake & hair too! I want a sleeveless plaid shirt for reals, it's getting too hot for mere rolled up sleeves or even short sleeves XD

さらまり said...

Oh you are so cute! And I love this piece on you, it looks so great and suits you! I can just imagine what overalls with a bunch of ruffles over the lower stomach would look like on me...burrr! haha!

And hooray for more WC monies! That's where it's at baby hehe^^

samispo0n said...

Oo such a good find!! I need to start a WC saving fund hehehe

Tori said...

@thhjasmine Thankies! ❤

@Becky IKR?! It really is one of my better YesStyle purchases!

@Clairey Hehe, thanks! ❤

@bloomzy I know what you mean~ I like to have brand names, especially for Japanese fashion, but sometimes it's better to stay on budget haha! XD YesStyle does have a lot of cute things, but sometimes the quality is iffy so you can hit or miss~

@cin-cin Thanks! ❤

@Jenny Haha, I know!! & thank you! ❤ The sleeveless plaid top was a random find while Father's Day shopping this weekend (XD) so I was lucky to grab it!

@さらまり Aweee, thank you bebe! You always leave such sweet comments ❤ & what are you talking about, you'd look cute in it too! xP But yes, w❤c is going to drain my bank account, seriously...

@samispo0n Thanks! & a w❤c savings fund sounds like a brilliant idea, haha! XD

Sanna said...

OMG! I love those a lot! It suits you=)

Tori said...

@Sanna Awe, thank you! ❤

Thuy An said...

oh my goodness!!
they're interestly cute!

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