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Sunday, June 20, 2010

☆Hey!ヽ('ー'#)/ Hello!☆
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! ❤
I've had a good one so far... Although I did get sunburned from yesterday's day at the pool (T-T )( T-T) 
Today I've just been in & out of shops so my skin will get a break, haha~
Anyway, on to what I want to talk about today!

Mitsu was the first to introduce me to the amazingness that is mbok when she talked about it back in March ❤ 
For anyone who doesn't already know, mbok is basically an auction site like eBay or Yahoo!Japan but SO MUCH MORE extensive! There are tons of auctions for many popular gal brands on there, including some for recent & past items.  Like other auction sites, you can get brand new items, though the majority of them are used.

I recently scored the spoils of 2 w❤c auctions, which I decided to try out today! 
 Everything but the skirt & scarf is w❤c & from the summer 2009 line & was together in the auction.
I was trying to model it after this blog shot of Chinatsu in the same shirt:


The shoes are a size M & a bit big since I have unnaturally tiny feet, but I managed ok with them!

I love this hat! I like to think that 'Let's PE !!' means let's do physical education & not let's go to the bathroom, haha 
But we do know that Chinatsu likes her pee&poo humour!
I was also able to score an auction for a pair of the famous ultra-destroyed jeans~

I'm glad I decided to go with the size S since they fit somewhat big... but it's ok for the boyfriend style, or if I gain a few pounds, haha! 
o(>▽<)o ウキャキャウキャキャ
I think these are also from the summer 2009 line since they look exactly like the ones Chinatsu is wearing in this catalogue shot:

The first auction was 10,000yen total for all 3 items & the second one was 8,000yen for the jeans. My friend who was so kind to bid on them for me only charged me a bit more for shipping, but basically it was just 18,000yen for all 4 items! 
Just to give you an idea on how great that is, a pair of these jeans alone from the webshop are 12,000yen ヽ(´Д`ヽ)(/´Д`) Add to that a pair of shoes that can run anywhere from 4,900 to 8,900yen + fees from a shopping service... mbok is the way to go!!

☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆


Estela said...

I love the destroyed jeans *0* and everything from w*c >_>

bloomzy said...

Love everything, especially the jeans and the shoes...damn it I want to steal them so bad haha XD

You are the best at replicating looks!!

さらまり said...

That's so great you could get those items from past seasons. I have always like that "Inside" shirt^^

It suits you so well!

Tori said...

@Estela They are my favourite too, haha! w❤c is by far my favourite brand~

@bloomzy Haha, I think they actually have a couple of pairs of the shoes on mbok now! Different colours though~ I haven't seen the yellow ones anywhere else yet. But thank you! I try, haha ❤

@さらまり It really is awesome! The 'Inside' & 'Outside' shirts pop up all the time so try it if you'd like to score one ;D & thank you bb!

Mitsu said...

OMG FABULUST!!! Fabulous because you are and lust because gimme those pants NAU!

I want an inside shirt, lol I am wondering what she was thinking using that word since usually WC's english makes some sense XD

Tori said...

@Mitsu THANK YOU BB!! ❤❤ You are too sweet & you must grab a pair of these jeans! I wanted to tell you that they do run short since I'm 5'3" & unrolled they hit right at my feet, so perfect length for me haha XD But they look so cute rolled up so it doesn't matter! & yea, I wonder what it means too~ there's an 'Outside' shirt too, so who knows! Maybe it means if you're more of an inside girl or an outside girl since it's so hot in the summer... Does that even make sense?? lol~

Thuy An said...

that little bear is too cute haha!
i love the jeans :)

Claire said...

Love it all especially the shoes! The UK needs more big yellow shoes!

Fanny said...

cute outfits ^^

Jenny said...

LOVE IT! Love love love it!! Seriously that's a good deal too on an entire WC outfit. XD Plus I love that particular tee they put out last year~ it looks fantastic on you too of course! And I had forgotten those shoes! Those wonderful WC heels XDD!

Samispoon said...

SO MUCH LOVE! Those shoes are AMAZING
If you ever feel theyre too big, send them my way ;D hahaha
How do you get the auctions? DO WANT hehehe

Tori said...

@Thuy An Kumatan is an adorable mascot, haha! & the jeans really are the best~

@Claire You can never have enough yellow shoes, haha! XD

@Fanny Thank you :)

@Jenny IKR?! I was totaling up outfits on the webshop & it was like o_______O lol! Worth it, but if you can get the same items for cheaper, even used, WHY NOT? ;D & thank you! ❤

@Samispoon Haha, I'll remember that! & I have a friend in Japan who bids on them for me... You can bid on auctions using a shopping service like Crescent Shop or Shopping Mall Japan too :Dyy

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