Mode Week = Fail

Sunday, June 27, 2010

ヾ(〃⌒ ー———⌒)ノ~~コンニチワァ♪

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
So far I've had a very full one~ yesterday I went to the Lost River Lake in West Virginia which was kind of scary because I absolutely HATE the wilderness but love the water, so I had a pretty good time! 
Today I stayed in civilisation & did a bit of shopping... I'll probably post my purchases up sometime this week!
 But since some of you showed some interest at seeing my attempt at mode week on twitter, here are the snaps of the first 3 days I got through, haha (#`ε´#ゞ

Quick note: I hated my face in almost all of these so big pink hearts is what you get!(≧∇≦)
Simple first look~ border crop top + colourblock bandage skirt.
Close-up on my shoes a) because I love shoes & b) because these reminded me a lot of these fabulous ones by w❤c!

Ignore the absence of a pedi in these photos, haha (#`ε´#ゞ
Second day~ border tunic, obi belt & leggings.
This probably my best attempt because I was able to incorporate some key elements of mode style!

Love this tunic because it features both power & deco shoulders in one!
Studded pumps
Third day not so mode  (ノД`)・゜・。Border top + high-waisted skirt.
This is actually a typical kind of work outfit for me, but I changed my usual pedestrian pumps for a bootie style shoe that is mode-ish (?)
Another one of my favourite pairs of shoes ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆
Close-up so you can see I added a bit of bling jewelry so it's not a totally boring outfit, haha~
So, as you can see mode week kind of turned into border week!
I am trying to incorporate more versatile pieces into my wardrobe in order to achieve a more concrete representation of this style since it's perfect for work. 

What do you all think of mode style?

☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆


Anonymous said...

I like the first outfit most, because it's a little more colorful than the other two and because those shoes are really cute~

diyanahomie said...

I like the last dress up the most!

Clairey said...

Love your outfits girly :)

Tori said...

@Madeleine M. Yea, I definitely need some more colour in my work wardrobe (& my wardrobe as a whole XD), haha! I love those shoes too ❤

@diyanahomie Awe, thanks!! I think it's the least mode style but it suits the work purpose, haha XD

@Clairey Thanks bb! ❤

Bianca said...

I like your mode looks, and adorable shoes, they definitely make the outfit! The first shoes are my faves :D

Jenny said...

That top with the embellishments looks SO familiar! Is it H&M? I feel like I saw some model post it on her blog LOL

Those shoes ARE really good WC mimics too!

There's definitely times I like mode style~ It has that sexy sleekness to it that many other styles lack XD

さらまり said...

Oh man first off, all your shoes are like fabulous and I am jealous. You should know that XD hehehe^^ hug you! Those first pair do really remind me of the WC shoes.

I love the deco shoulders on the second outfit, that is so cute and cool!

I don't think it was a fail, you look very lovely!

Tori said...

@Bianca Awe, thank you bb! ❤ I agree, the shoes DO make the outfit~!

@Jenny Actually, it's not!! It's Candie's from Kohl's xP I'm glad to hear it looks like a slightly higher brand though, haha! & definitely~ I don't think I could do mode everyday because it reminds me too much of work style, but it's perfect for a 'professional' atmosphere~

@さらまり Haha, aweee~! I actually used to have way more shoes than I do now, but they were literally taking over my closet XD Thank you for your kind words though~! ❤

bloomzy said...

I love your outfits, they're so chic and gorgeous. My favourite is the first one :D
I actually just bought a pair of shoes just like those, and I adore them. You make me want to create a mode outfit now.

Tori said...

@bloomzy Awe, thank you bb! ❤ & you definitely should create a mode outfit too~ I'm sure you will do amazing~! I just love those styles of shoes too... I want ones in every colour, haha XD

MandarinPanda said...

Those wc shoes are to dye for ❤ They are so gorgeous! I also love the deco-shoulder border tunic. Really great coordinates!

Tori said...

@MandarinPanda Thanks dear~ though the shoes aren't wc unfortunately, just lookalikes! XD Thank you for the sweet compliments though! ❤

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