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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So the incredibly awesome Rii of Utsukushii Gal nominated me for this award ♥ I don't really know what to say except ありがとう ! because I really don't think I deserve it! If you don't already know Rii & her blog, you definitely should~ she's one of the best foreign gals on the net & has an amazing style & personality.

Since the first rule of accepting this award is to 1) say something about the person who gives it to you & I've already done that, I'll move on to 2) write something about yourself & your aim with your blog.

I don't really have an aim with this blog, haha ( ̄▼ ̄)ノ_彡☆ばんばん!I honestly just write it because it's something I enjoy. I like to write, I like taking photos & I like fashion~ that's basically it! Although I WILL say I am extremely grateful to have met so many amazing people through this blog. That in itself is reason enough to have it! ♥

& as for 3) give the award to 9 bloggers you like (& don't forget to tell them)~


Thank you all for being such awesome friends~!
see you~

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