Back in the Day Pt 2

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One of the biggest shifts I've noticed in gal fashion from this time (scans from the November 20005 issue of ViVi) to now is the rise in popularity of Western brands like ZARA, H&M, TOPSHOP, & Forever 21 over the 'core' Japanese brands like SLY, moussy, LIP SERVICE, etc. Not that these brands don't still have their own followings, but since 2009 & what I like to call the 'Forever 21 boom,' there is definitely less of a focus on Japanese brands, especially in ViVi. With the exception of the mode brands (especially MURUA) & EGOIST.

This spread featuring Mayumi Sada (a former ViVi model) for the mega-brand SLY perfectly captures everything that was going on in gal for a/w 2005. Main colours were black, white, brown & khaki. The awful cropped camo print pants were definitely a 'key item' along with short puffy jackets. Boots were high & pointy-toed. Fur was a major trend as well & one that obviously never really goes out of style in gal, since I could easily see that black fur coat in the fourth photo down & the cropped khaki fur jacket in the last photo working with today's styles. Also the hint of metallic is a trend that's coming back. 

I absolutely love the cyclical nature of fashion. Though I doubt I will get to wear my pointy-toed ribbon boots like the ones in the last photo any time soon, haha ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

see you~

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