Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally getting to do my first mukuCHU sponsored post! ♥ I was originally sponsored this pair of lenses back in September, but due to huge supply & demand issues & the fact that mukuCHU is based out of Australia & I am all the way here in the US, these lenses getting to me took a lot longer than usual. Still, I am grateful that they didn't forget about me & are still honouring my sponsorship! 
The lenses I received are from the EOS G-series~
The packaging was simple but surprisingly very secure! The lens bottles arrived in absolutely perfect condition.
 Brand: EOS
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: up to 1 year usage
The first thing I noticed about these lenses when I put them on is that they are EXTREMELY comfortable!  Usually I find circle lenses to be a little harder than normal prescription soft contact lenses, but these were no different than my regular everyday ones in terms of comfort. I also was able to wear these for 8+ hours with only normal eye tiredness towards the end of the day.
1) without flash, 2) with flash
As you can see, these are very rich, very natural-looking lenses. If you're looking for dramatic, noticeable circle lenses, these probably wouldn't be your choice. However, the biggest draw for these besides the amazing comfort level would have to be the enlargement~ they really do give off a gorgeous, large-eyed effect
Again, I am very pleased with this pair of sponsored lenses & the level of customer service provided by mukuCHU ♥ Even more, mukuCHU is currently donating some of their profits to help out the relief effort in Japan~
Lenses for a good cause is an awesome thing~! ミ★
see you~

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