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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today brings another style idol post, this time featuring the fabulously amazing 夏海君の/Saito Natsumi!
 I actually got to know Natsumi through her crooz blog first & only recently found out that she's a model for Ranzuki, haha (●´艸`)ヾ 

She has come WAY up my list of style idols recently because, like Chinatsu, she has an extremely developed sense of style, from hair, to make, to shoes & that's something I am trying to achieve for myself too.

She is also my personal queen of pop gal style! ★彡
As you can see, she's a huge fan of w♥c, JSG, ANAP, tutuHA & one*spo~ all great brands for pop gal!

One of the other things I love about Natsumi is that she reuses lots of her items~ check those fabulous blue platform heels above ★=(−.⌒) 

She's also a genius at accessorizing. Accessories are a HUGE part of any gal outfit & one that I fail in, haha, but they really put the POP in pop gal style (^o-)ミ☆パチッ!
 Check the Union Jack watch/bracelet & layered necklaces~ if anyone knows which brand that sunglasses necklace is, let me know! (=^^=)
 Loving the pink fox tail she attached to her bag, & yes, it's the same bag she's wearing in the purikura snap too~!

She's also a hat queen~
w♥c scarf bow ftw~~!!
Natsumi also knows her hair & make, which always looks damn fabulous & complements her codes perfectly~
This collage from ohyeahgyaru's tumblr is a perfect example of how varied Natsumi's hair & make (& even no make!) has been in the past & now.
These are 2 of my favourite recent make shots from her blog~
Gorgeous but simple~ loving her lashes & lenses here with the bright cheek & lip.
I could seriously keep going, that's how much I adore this girl, but I think you get the idea, haha! ★彡
 I'm so inspired, I wish I could just stay home tomorrow & play with hair, make & codes just for fun
 ☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆

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