#FF Interwebz Edition

Friday, May 6, 2011

All images borrowed from the blogs they belong to

Hana of Finding Tokyo does a Weekly Wrapup of her favourite blogs, so I thought I would take a cue from her & do one of my own of sorts  ♪ 

Not necessarily in order of adoration, here is the rundown of my latest favourite url's (from top to bottom)~

I'm totally obsessed with Kristin & Valerie's obsessions. I think I finally found the fashion blog I can relate to the most in this one ♥

Not only does this girl have awesome photography skills, she also has a unique, kickass style. I am in total complete adoration of her gorgeous blue hair too, haha~

sex for breakfast
I literally have over a 100 tumblr obsessions but I find myself reblogging nearly every one of the images posted on this one. Genius photographs, models, makeup & gratuitous nips ♥ Love love.

Tokyo Telephone
This is a blog about SERIOUS JAPANESE FASHION. Not just gal or Harajuku, but the whole damn thing, from high to low.  & that's why I love it.

see you~

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