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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This blog's 1st birthday was actually 10 days ago on May 15th, but I thought... Why not celebrate it & Shoe Porn Week at the same time? 

I bought these heels like at the end of February when I was anticipating my spring wardrobe to be full of retro-girlyness, but of course my tastes went in the complete opposite direction haha. I'm glad I can still find a use for them with my current trosseau~ they're really comfy & look super-cute with socks too ♡

& because I can't forget to wish cherri☆pop☆fiction a Happy 1st Birthday...
 Thank you to everyone who has supported this little blog for the past year! It's all of you who stop by, whether it's just to look/comment/whatever, that inspires me to keep going ♡ 

see you~

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