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Friday, May 27, 2011

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I'm sad to see Shoe Porn Week come to an end, but anyone who has been reading this blog long enough knows my love for shoes has no end, so there will be many more shoe posts in the future! I meant to save this post for the very last day of the 'week,' which would be tomorrow, but my weekend is going to be full of Memorial Day get-togethers so I thought I would just do it now.

& without further ado, here are the shoe blogs you absolutely MUST read if you consider yourself even the casual shoe whore~  

Sea of Shoes
I think everyone on the internet knows about this fabulous blog. It's so hard for me to believe how young Jane is & how she has such a distinct point of view, not only with her love of shoes, but with her style as a whole. If I am ever reincarnated, I want a life just like hers haha ❤
My Life in Heels
Best. Shoe. Tumblr. Ever. This girl does shoe porn 24/7, 365.
If you don't know this blog belongs to Jane of Sea of Shoe's mom, then consider that your FYI for the day (⌒.−)=★ Also, if you think Jane's blog is amazing, her fabulous mum's is even more so. & she's 48, asdfghjkl@#$% ❤ My new hero.
Hope everyone stateside has a wonderful holiday weekend~!
see you~

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