Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tribal dresses from F21, Missoni Spring 2011 campaign video

If anyone has noticed, tribal/ethnic/native/Morocco/whatever the fuck you wanna call it print has vomited all over Forever 21.  & because I do so love it, I picked up these 2 dresses from the webshop ❤ You can imagine how pleased I was to see how these particular prints echoed Missoni's concepts for this spring too, haha~

Though I am tempted to take the first dress to this custom shop here in town & have the sleeves ripped off (I'm kind of tired of the whole 'structured shoulders' thing) & use the fabric with some beads to refashion it into a doppelganger of this amazing Versace Spring 2011 dress~
I'm definitely gonna price it at least~
see you~

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