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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Maison Gilfy beanie, American Gold top, One Teaspoon shorts + Senso boots

I'm both amused & flattered that so many people who follow this blog, my twitter & various other online outlets still group me with gal. I definitely haven't lost my love for the style, but I feel like I've gotten almost totally away from it in how I have chosen to mold my own personal style.  Part of it has simply been the growing process of finding what I feel fits 'me,' but another part has been a kind of disconnect resulting from boredom. As much as I adore mode-kei, seeing it everywhere has led to the inevitable loss of interest due to oversaturation. Not to mention that gal in general has really started to mirror Western fashion, which has been both a blessing & a curse in many ways.

Finding this Gilfy beanie from 2009 reminded me though that I still do love gal, & that not all Japanese fashion brands have given in to the 'Western domination.' Gilfy for one has always stayed true to its formula. & I can still count on opening up the latest issue of nuts & seeing gals doing it right. Thank god for 安部ニコル.

see you~

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