Thursday, December 22, 2011

UNGRID producer Reika Yoshida

UNGRID is a gal brand that premiered in September & is the brainchild of 24-year-old producer Reika Yoshida. I meant to blog about it way back when, but the initial a/w 11 collection didn't really impress me. It seemed to be a mash-up of Ank Rouge with some LagunaMoon thrown in... pretty much recycled. Also, the concept of 'American Casual,' which seems like it's been the concept of every brand I can think of at one point this year, turned me off too. Nothing really separated UNGRID from the others. The minimal buzz in the gal mags only seemed to prove my feelings right as well.

But then Reika traveled to India & came back with the s/s 12 collection, which walked at the same MARK STYLER show as MURUA, EMODA & the other brands under the umbrella...

I literally could have posted the entire collection, but I decided to take just these details + that crazy tour-de-force end piece. Yes, the native vibe has been done before, but Reika's love of vintage & 'American casual' (which you can see in the use of the denim pieces) takes it to a whole other level. I love her choice of fabrics, from drapey jersey & fringe to flannel & knits, & of course her use of accessories. The studded/patched denim is a must too.

Also had to show Reika's look from the day of the show ♥ I could totally see this walking, with different shoes of course. But she does an amazing job of representing her brand, which is evident in her blog too. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

see you~

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