Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(Used turtleneck, under miniskirt dress from American Apparel, tights from Target, boots from Nine West, shawl from EGOIST, hat from Forever 21, Chinatsu-inspired nudy make )
On the gorgeous 尾崎紗代子/Sayoko Ozaki in the November issue of nuts

A week ago (I think?) I got this absofuckinglutely gorgeous shawl from EGOIST. I had seen it when Mitsu of Universal Doll pimp, pimp! haha first posted about the fall collection, but after seeing how well she rocked it in this post, she totally sealed the deal for me. 

I wore this out on X'mas Eve while I was playing Ms. Santa Claus for my friends & it got so many amazing compliments! It is literally one of the most luxurious items I have ever owned, so soft & incredibly well-made~ if I ever had any doubts about the quality of EGOIST's clothing, there is no doubt any more ♥

I know I've blogged about how much I love EGOIST style before, but I love that now I can honestly say my love for this brand is justified ( ~ё ̄) -☆

Now I just need more of these items on my body ASAP...

& on a random note, I'm 1 post away from 100! 
( ^0^)/U☆U\(^_^ )

see you~

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