Dear Laura Rabbit Lashes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

With flash, without, closed, bonus shot with fucked-up fake Minx nails.

Since 2011 is the year of the rabbit, I thought I would try out the Rabbit lashes from my Dear Laura collection first! These are part of the Soft lovely brown series & actually blend with my natural black lashes pretty nicely. As you can see, they're more obvious in the flash photo but not so much in the regular lighting ones ♥ I really like their super-long length despite the fact that they're a bit plastic-y & the lash band is a little stiff... But at 3.50$ a set, you get what you pay for haha~

Please to not judge too harshly on their wonky placement because this was a super-rushed makeup job ☆ミヾ(#`Д´)σ[ノ ヽ``┼┐!] I promise to do a better job aka actually take my time next time!

& to make up for these sorry photos, here are some bonus code shots from Sunday~
Cropped knit top from SPICY HOLIC, used layering tank, maxi skirt from F21, vintage print scarf.

Everyone should buy this sweater, haha~ it's super-warm & totally reminds me of this Alexander Wang knit Rumi Neely wore here ♥ I can't wait to use it as a transition piece into spring~

see you~

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