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Thursday, September 2, 2010

 ̄O ̄)ノオハー

This week is passing by so fast!! O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪
I just realised I haven't updated since Sunday & I've been meaning to do this post for a while, so here goes~!

Today I want to talk about doing mode-kei American style!  ミ★

Before I started to getting into Japanese fashion, I used to shop SO MUCH at EXPRESS. I always liked their on-trend, classy style, but after I discovered the amazingness that is J-fashion I stopped shopping there. That & I started to find them repeating styles season after season, so shopping there became boring()´д`()

But then, a little thing called MODE came around this year & I decided to take another look at EXPRESS~
I recently picked out these amazing pieces before going out a few weeks ago & I found they fit perfectly into mode-kei

Paneled or 'moto' pankinsu (aka jeggings (><;)) were first featured in the September issue of JELLY as a rising trend item~
Scan courtesy of Universal Doll

Naturally I was totes excited to see them at EXPRESS & had to grab some for myself~!
 I also picked the floral/watercolour top since I really liked how they paired the pankinsu with a similar type of top as seen on Maiko Takahashi above (which is by EMODA!)~
All together ミ★
 I'm not sure if the denim moto jacket is considered mode-kei or not, but it was kind of cold that night haha (●´艸`)ヾ 

Last weekend I made another trip to EXPRESS on the hunt for these denim pankinsu, which reminded me so much of some recent ones done by EMODA & MURUA~

Notice the similar loose black tops in both styles, haha (⌒▽⌒)ノ_彡☆バンバン!

They were unfortunately already sold out, but I was able to pick out a different pair & a bonus item as well~
 These pankinsu are made of black denim & have awesome shimmery beading accenting one of the moto panels
 I have so much love for military for this coming a/w & this shirt just has so much lovely details!
I think paired with some mode accessories it can really fit into the style easily.

I have to admit that at first I was hesitant to go forward with mode-kei for myself, because it reminded me too much of office lady style, but now I have such an appreciation for it & am having so much fun working it into my wardrobe! ♥
It's also nice that it's a style that can be easily copied using items found in stores here in the US!

I may do a second part to this since I found some other mode-kei pieces during my NYC trip that I haven't posted yet, but we'll see!

Happy 2-More-Days-Til-Holiday-Weekend, everyone~~!! 
☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆

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