Sunday, September 18, 2011

FIG&VIPER is a new & upcoming brand produced by gal model 植野有砂/Arisa Ueno who most recently modeled for BLENDA. BLENDA, SCawaii, ViVi & the new magazine KATY have features of this brand in the October issues. I actually first discovered it when fellow model Akane Suda posted about it back in August & have been meaning to talk about it since then.

The concept for the debut collection is GREEDY GIRL. It's a little bit GYDA, a little bit EGOIST, kind of SLY & very blogger & on-trend. Here are some photos from the lookbook~

Initial favourites include the oversized double-breasted plaid blazer, sheer asymmetrical top, the maxi cocoon cardigan & the long graphic tee in the left-hand photo of the second-to-last row. You can definitely see a major 'blogger style' influence in this collection, & if that weren't enough, Alisa has also created a Blogger blog for FIG&VIPER here. I find it interesting & pretty cool that she would choose to host her brand's main information blog on Blogger instead of Ameblo~ to me it definitely shows who her target audience is, since most popular fashion bloggers either got their start on or still maintain Blogger blogs ❤

I'm interested to see how this brand fares against mainstays with a similar style... Any thoughts so far?

see you~

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