KKCenterhk x BEAUTY ANGEL Turn-Up Long Mascara

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My latest beauty product for review from KKCenterhk is the BEAUTY ANGEL Turn-Up Long Mascara ❤ The packaging comes in 3 colours (pink, blue & green) but it is NOT coloured mascara. 

The description on the website states~

Let's Say Goodbye to the Old Style Mascara. BEAUTY ANGEL Mascara is available in Washable Formula, removes easily with warm water. Build bold volume and long-lasting. Convenience, contact lens safe.

To be 1,000% completely honest... I was really skeptical of this mascara. The packaging is cute & fun, but it DOESN'T come in a box which made me kind of sketch about it to begin with, especially since KKCenterhk's website says it comes 'Brand New with Original Retail Packing Box' ༼☁ɷ☁༽ Also, the reference photos & video on the website left much to be desired. As you can see, the brush itself is really skinny & kind of cheesy so I really wasn't expecting a good result.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to be to proved WRONG! ༼ꉺ✪ꉺ༽ This mascara makes my lashes INCREDIBLY LONG & the skinny brush even got to those stubborn corner & lower lashes too. I only had minimal problems with clumping when applying, but I think that's normal with any kind of mascara & I was able to work them out by brushing them through. It stayed put for the entire day too, no flaking. I would say the formula is eerily similar to the Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara in that it really wraps your lashes to lengthen them & washes off in 'tubes' so you can tell that it adheres to your lashes.

Obligatory silly face ༼๑ɷ๑༽

Overall, I would give this mascara a 7 out of 10, which is a lot higher than I expected to give it honestly! The packaging is cute & the formula is really surprisingly decent~ the only factors that stop me from giving it an 8 or higher is the fact that it came without a box (I don't know, I just think that is sketchy when it comes to cosmetics because you can never really trust what is inside a product if you don't have at least a box with ingredients to go off of) & the price of 12.10$ seems a bit much when compared to the cheaper price of the LANDBIS Golden Wild Leopard Liquid Eyeliner I reviewed a few weeks ago which seems to be higher quality than this mascara.

On a positive note though~

KKCenterhk is giving an automatic 15% off all orders for the month of September, no limits or extras required!

So if you're willing to give this mascara a try, or any other KKCenterhk product, now is the best time while the discount is in effect!

see you~

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