Beyoncé + The Seashore

Sunday, July 10, 2011

JULY 1-4

For those of you who don't know, daily morning show Good Morning America hosts concerts every Friday during the summer in Central Park ♪ Most of the concerts are free too, so I was absolutely stoked that the Friday I was going to be in the city, Beyoncé was the act for that morning!

We got up at 5 am to get down to the city because line-up for the concert started from 6-7:30 am. By the time we got there though, the line stretched from the start at 69th Street & 5th Ave down to 67th Street. I almost wanted to just give up because more & more people were coming & I could tell some people were cutting the line, but we managed to stay until we got all the way to the entrance to Rumsey Playfield... & then the police moderating the event told us NO ONE ELSE WAS BEING LET IN (´A`。)グスン Apparently some overactive fans started getting crazy & the city decided to shut it down. So they let us go in the park since it's a public space, but the closest we got was the back of the playfield where Beyoncé's trailer was~ that's it in the second photo. We could hear her performance only really faintly, so it was disappointing, but at the end, people started chanting for her to come out... So her security let her drive out in this stupid little golf cart & she waved to us from there. That's what I circled in the second photo, haha ( ̄▼ ̄)ノ_彡☆ばんばん!I honestly had more fun just being in line with the Beyoncé über-fans & hearing all their other crazy concert stories.

Afterwards, we went to eat breakfast & then hung out in Rockefeller Center. Obligatory tourist picture ftw, haha (●´艸`)ヾ Then on Saturday we headed back to the beach for one last day. The weather was SUPER HOT~ I actually got a little sunburned on my back & legs. But I had lots of fun playing with my cousin's little daughter~ it was only her second time to the beach ever & she was too cute ❤ Last photo is from the journey home on Monday, the 4th of July, with a huge American flag hanging from the George Washington Bridge.

... & now back to regularly scheduled programming this week~

see you~

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