Keith Haring x JOYRICH

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Haring Triangle Bikini @ NASTY GAL, used burnout tank, denim Litas

Meet my favourite new bikini everrr ❤ I've been wanting to own something from JOYRICH ever since seeing the amazing capsule collection featuring Mademoiselle Yulia (GIZA) which you can peep in this video here~

BUT when I heard that they would be releasing another collection featuring the work of 80's pop/graffiti artist Keith Haring I knew I had to try & get my hands on at least 1 piece! For anyone who isn't familiar with Haring & his work, I advise you to check out the link to his website~ he did some really cool graphic pop art before his untimely death in 1990 to AIDS(・_;)

On a better note though, his work has been getting a lot of posthumous recognition, including a recent collaboration with Japanese brand SLY. Mitsu first posted about the collab in a post featuring gal store iPhone backgrounds & I definitely grabbed the Haring x SLY one for my iTouch! Here are some more looks at the collection though~

I also spotted a Haring x SLY piece in the July issue of SCawaii~

Getting back to the Haring x JOYRICH collab though, Karmaloop has the other bikini, the Stars & Stripes, up for sale here. You can also get the other pieces of the collection, the Haring Beach Ball @ NASTY GAL & the Haring Duffle Bag @ NASTY GAL. I just might grab the duffle bag on my next pay period so I can have another piece of this awesome collection.

see you~

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