Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Choice shots from the stunning JC fall 2011 lookbook Uptown Girl ❤ The styling in this is just so next level & exactly what I'm feeling for the coming cooler months~ denim, snake print, metallics & crazy details. First major want is the What in blue since it fits in perfectly with my denim obsession & that shape is bananas~ the Black What @ Solestruck is currently available right now. I'm also feeling the retro feather print Litas & all the new snake print shoes in those fab colours, especially the Zup & the Zoe.

Second major want though is definitely the Zoomie in fuschia. Mitsu was the first to point out the similarity of this shoe to a pair Momoko is using in her fall MURUA line so you know this will be a must-have shoe, plus the colour again is awesome. & lastly, I just loved the styling in the last 2 photos & the slightly BDSM look of the Zeke + that metallic clutch... I hope the clutch is a part of the fall versions of the Girls We Hated in High School JC bag line! The Zeke @ Solestruck is also available now though.

Heatwave, please go away soon so I can wear boots again!  (´Д`。)グスン 

see you~

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